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Mimi Osborne, MS,CCC-A , Audiologist

Our Audiologist, Mimi Osborne, MS, CCC-A, has over 25 years of experience within the hearing industry. She was born in Houma and raised in Morgan City where she has resided since 1976. Mimi’s hobbies include running, cross-stitch, cooking, stained glass and DIY projects. She served for 8 years on the Governor’s appointed member of the advisory council for Louisiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. During this time she helped establish best practices for both hospital settings and pediatric settings for early detection and intervention. Mimi also helped with the writing and passing of the 2003 Insurance Mandate in Louisiana that requires insurance companies to cover children under the age of 18 by providing hearing aids to any insured hearing impaired child. Since 2005 she has also provided service to those with Cochlear implants and BAHA’s. She works closely with the VA helping provide hearing health to our veterans and participates in all insurance programs.


"I really love helping people hear.  If there was a way I could just give away hearing aids all day I truly would do it.  I get excited when people want to try new things and even will tell them up front this technology or device or procedure is new to me too and I am excited you have put your trust in me to try it out and see how it works for you."                                                                                                             - Mimi Osborne


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